Yesterday I pushed out a small update to this site.

I wouldn’t call it a redesign. Redesigns have purpose and goals.

Rather, I’d say this was the digital equivalent to filling potholes on the first warm day of Spring. I added markup, created some new CSS classes and didn’t remove the dead code; filling potholes. Heck, if you want to get technical, you could argue I just jackhammered some additional potholes into the site.

I’ve worked on some difficult projects, but the hardest and most challenging project has always been my personal website.

But when it comes to the creating a site that has no budget, time or technological constraints, there’s endless staring at the screen, waiting for inspiration and direction.

In defense of the layers of self-deprecation I’m putting down right now, I do have some ideas of what I want this site to become.

I plan to rebuild this site, likely using Gatsby. I became intrigued with Gatsby as we used it to build the new documentation site for Uniform at Hudl.

Stay tuned.