• 04.03.18

    Updating a personal website is the worst

    Yesterday I pushed out a small update to this site. I wouldn’t call it a redesign. Redesigns have purpose and goals. Rather, I’d say this was the digital equivalent to filling potholes on the first warm day of Spring. I added markup, created some new CSS classes and didn’t remove... Read More
  • 03.17.15

    My workflow for creating SVG sprites

    A couple weeks ago I wrote about a variety of methods I’ve used during the past couple years to provide fallbacks for svg when they’re used either within an <img> tag or as a CSS background images. However, when I rebuilt this site, I wanted to experiment with... Read More
  • 03.10.15

    Edit SCSS directly from your browser? Yes, you can do that!

    Has this ever happened to you? You’re tweaking CSS with the Chrome dev tools. You’re making refinements, everything is getting dialed in just so. But then you make a fatal mistake, you refresh the browser, or maybe even close the window. Either way, it’s gone. It’s all gone. All that... Read More
  • 03.07.15

    Five methods of provding fallbacks for SVGs

    SVG is pretty sweet. I’m assuming you know that, but if you were unaware, that’s the news. It’s scalable, looks crisp on high resolution screens and file sizes are tiny in comparison to their raster counterparts. Great things often have a catch, however, and for SVG, that gotcha is oldie-time... Read More
  • 02.22.15

    Welcome to the terrordome

    Welcome. Where shall I begin? For the past few years, I’ve been planning to rebuild my personal site. The previous site had a copyright that hadn’t been updated since 2013 and was dated both figuratively and literally. The portfolio of my old site did a really fine job highlighting my... Read More